Pineridge Christian Camp in Belize
Picture of two birds on Pineridge Christian Camp in Belize


On-camp fun

The camp is located in the Pineridge Forest. Its two-hundred acres provide a great wildlife area, in which it is easy to lose yourself. The boundary lines that go around the land ensure that you won't go too far.

Nearby Attractions

Besides the on-camp fun, Belize is packed full of exotic things to do and see. You can swim below beautiful waterfalls, explore caves, or even snorkel in the keys. Within just a few miles from camp, you can go swimming, horseback riding, visit the baboon sanctuary, or even wilder, take a night trip in canoes to visit the alligators. If you like history, you can go to the Spanish lookout or even take a boat trip to see Mayan ruins. On the tamer side, you can take a ride in a horse-drawn buggy or tour one of the local dairies. During your visit, be sure to spend some time finding souvenirs in the city; shopping will never be the same again! Wherever you are, restaurants are priced reasonably.

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